Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing, restorative and transformational practice which is usually practiced lying down, with the support of the ground and props to create comfort in the physical body.

A typical guided practice progresses naturally yet systematically as your awareness begins to move from the external environment toward the inner senses. Attention is then guided throughout the physical body and toward the increasingly subtle bodies as various mindfulness techniques which may include breath sensing, guided imagery and affirmations are explored. As the practice progresses, the bodymind begins to embrace a relaxed subconscious state of mind, gently hovering between sleep and wakefulness, essentially mimicking the conditions of deep relaxation similar to those experienced in sleep however the key factor during our practice is that a level of awareness is maintained.  

This deeply powerful and restful practice reveals the truth of who we are as multi-dimensional beings, existing not only as our physical body but also of increasingly subtle bodies across the energetic, emotional, mental and intuitive planes. And as we begin to touch on these aspects, we begin to awaken to parts of ourselves that are not typically present in our daily waking life and thus begin alchemising the suffering we may be experiencing as a result of the human condition.

This beautiful self-inquiry practice is ideal for those experiencing varying degrees of stress and fatigue; to down regulate and balance the nervous system; for improving sleep; for chronic pain conditions; decreasing blood pressure; and to gracefully turn toward yourself and simply rest.  

‘When you plant a seed, all the growth and activity begins beneath the surface’.

Karen Brody